Doctors and lawyers

i am neither,but if i was i wouldn’t peddle bank on know how upline claims to be millionaires,make them etc…maybe the (dr&lawyers)are not what they claim you think they join to support uneducated spouse to please them?disgraceful,why does bank on one hand say drs are trying to kill us then on other brag about being endorsed by the 1 meeting i went to there was hopeful housewives,desperate couples,or the lonely single mother all trying to get aheaad,make a better life but a dr or lawyer being gullable enough for that……

Well, I got a phone call last night

that just SICKENED me to the pit of my stomach and I didn’t sleep too much last night because of it.

A fellow “victim” of mine called me and told me that when she was picking up her children from school yesterday she saw a little old man walking across the street with a hammer and something else in his other hand. She was wondering what he could be doing and watched him for a moment. She noticed that his wife was standing on the side of the street in an old tattered coat watching him and they looked rather tired and cold. She said they were both probably in their 70’s and they both walked “bent-over” as she put it. Anyway, she thought they were probably putting up a garage sale sign or something but to her HORROR it turned out to be one of the damn WORK FROM HOME sign!! She said the little man could barely swing the hammer!

These HWL people are MONSTERS, plain and simple!! They know these poor elderly people are probably in desperate need of supplemental income (why else would they have been looking for a work-at-home business in the first place) and are probably barely making ends meet as it is! They will lose what little they may have tucked away and these DEMONS know this! How could they be so heartless to sign on someone that old knowing that the time required and physical exertion alone putting up those signs and flyers, is physically demanding on anyone?? It brings tears to my eyes!!

You can be SURE that I will be calling their toll-free number first thing this morning to clue them in on this thing. I pray to God these people have just started and haven’t spent much money.
Hopefully they will head my warning. Please pray for them…

Here a challange for all of you:

Let’s all make a concerted effort to start calling these Work-At-Home toll-free numbers and clue them in on what they are in for! Many of these signs are put up by brand new people and they just don’t know!!

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